Welcome to the PTTC of IMETYD, I hope that you will find this course interesting and useful for your professional development. 

Teaching is one of the most important and noble professions for mankind, presidents, doctors, architects, in fact everybody has been imprinted with the ideas of one or more great teachers in their life.

Being a teacher means to commit yourself to give your best at every class. 

Which kind of teacher are you? If you were born to be a teacher or you have to work to become one, that’s somewhat fate, but if you want to become a great teacher that’s up to you and it will require discipline and work. 

And that is this was course created for.

 So, what are you waiting? Come and visit us!     

PTTC-1. Children´s Development

1.1 Children development  General objective (objetivo) Students  should be able to know and integrate the basic concepts of the development of children ages 2 through 6